Creating the Perfect Law Website Bio Page

People are your products in the legal industry. This makes your bio pages or online profile one among the most important areas of your site. These pages make up to 30-50% percent of the page views often. To miss any opportunity to sell, connect with or convince a potential client after they land on any of these pages is known to be a missed chance of the worst type, as such visitors are qualified inbound leads often, looking to discover a firm’s experience and depth on individual level. So, here are a number of recommendations and considerations for creating the ideal bio page on best law firm websites — an outwardly simple exercise which can be improved drastically with the correct attention to all details.

Bio Photo

It is well-known that visitors’ eyes are always drawn ton attractive images. This likely is the first page, which people will notice and the impression which it will make can be a long lasting one. So, make your headshots engaging, memorable and represent your brand or culture. Consider your expression, your backdrop, your position and the format. Don’t just stand in the front of a dirty bookcase wearing a suit and a tie if you want to target progressive and young people. Conversely, don’t stain your appearance with amateur or overly relaxed photo which fails to capture professionalism.

Contact Information

Including your contact information is must, but don’t just overlook how to structure as well as offer that information in the best way, optimizing the experiences for the visitors. Other steps to make information accessible and convenient includes to link your office address link to online map with proper directions and actionable social network links, like following on Twitter or connecting on LinkedIn. Email addresses must also be the functional mailto links, not pure text.

Social Media

Connections and Interactions happen outside your website. So, your bio page must be the landing page or a microsite for any individual’s professional practice. It should be a hub from where other interactions can happen. It is recommended link to your LinkedIn profile and a Twitter account possibly if you utilize it for business purposes regularly, such as updates linked to professional events that you will be attending or in case you participate in some online industry-related conversations.


With such a lot of care put in your profile, you also want to ensure that your firm’s name tops the search engine results. This is a key element of online brand/reputation management. For each search result which you aren’t optimizing actively, another result will emerge in its position.

As SEO baseline, ensure that the lawyer’s name is H1 tag on the page together with using person’s name in URL, page title and meta description. Including keywords and correctly formatted links with appropriate anchor text also is worth considering, especially because it relates to the linking within site to pages like practice areas.

Within code of the pages, use microdata format to refine the information that you’re providing further. This simple step can help to offer meaning to all your data, defining contact information, titles and names.


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