Adding Videos to Email Marketing for Your Legal Firm

If you have experimented with email marketing for law firm, you’ve possibly had experienced some success. While general text-based emails tend to be good, you can easily take it one more step further by including videos. It doesn’t need lots of extra efforts, but can have better impact and get a new, great dimension to your contents. Here is how you can easily get started:

Shooting a Video

Usually, the simplest way to record any video is by utilizing the integral camera feature on your smartphone, laptop or tablet. This must be all what you require for capturing quite professional looking contents without lots of fancy, costly equipments. If you are using any iOS device, you might want to use Camera Pro Plus application for more superior features because lots of people have limited attention spans and you just don’t wish to bombard your audiences with too much of information. Videos must be kept fairly brief at not longer than 5 minutes in their length. If you’ve a comprehensive topic to discuss with your audience, then you can simply break it down in several videos. This makes an excellent idea for legal firm marketing using emails.

Posting Video

Before you insert any video into your emails, you first will need to locate a host. To make it simple, it’s suggested to use YouTube as it is the universal website for this. You also can kill 2 birds with a single stone as you’ll also amass a videos library on your own YouTube channel, while capitalizing your legal firm marketing via email all together. After you’ve uploaded your marketing video, all you need to do is to embed it in your emails. To do so, simply go to video on YouTube site, click “Share” and “Embed.” From here, you just embed your video code on your emails. If you are using any particular email marketing software, steps to entrench your video may slightly differ, so you’ll need to check out the resources section for complete instructions.

Autoplay or Not?

One area where the marketers get divided tends to be whether it’s good to automatically play the video once somebody opens the mail or make it such that they need to click on the video manually for it to play. On one side, viewers may value that you are saving them from an additional step with auto play; while conversely, they may be irritated that a video begins without their consent. So, you must consider your legal audiences and what the liking of most people is. If you opt for autoplay, it’s good to incorporate “video” in your subject line so that people will know about what to expect if they open the email.

Don’t Forget Call-to-Action

The purpose of legal firm email marketing in most cases is to have your audience take actions. When you adjust format of your email, you should still keep in mind to include call-to-action towards the end as you would usually with text-based emails. Doing so must help you get what you want from your efforts.


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